I Went From Yelling And Harsh Discipline To Love. If I Can Do It, You Can Too.


One of my boys have behavior and learning challenges. It comes with defiance and extreme tantrums. I tried every type of consequence and outside resource with him but none of it worked. I figured if I could self-heal from depilating depression and suicidal thoughts then surely I can help my son. The thing that worked was what helped me mindfulness and meditation.


He is the reason why I became a mindful parent. It was never my intention, but for my sanity and to be able to deal with him I had no other choice. I never talked about the hell he put me through because, I felt a lot of guilt and shame but not anymore.  It has definitely been a journey but he has taught me so much about myself.

And that's what I want for you to be able to rise above the cultural norm and to parent in a stress free way.


I am a Certified Life Coach and with my experience and research I specialize in Mindful Parenting, Conscious Living and Meditation. I'm a radio host at wellbeingradio and a #1 International Bestselling Author with my book "Yes I Can". I have created the No Yelling Movement and "The Inner Bitch"(Voice). I am from the U.S.A and live in NYC with my 4 boys. 

I love connecting with mamas and caregivers, who seeks to transform yelling into love so that they can be present in their children's lives.

Its my greatest joy seeing mothers parent the way they love.

My methods are proven, simple and effective designed to create a lifestyle change.

Im on a #noyellingmission to awaken 1 million mothers and 2 million children consciously to break the cultural cycles so that the generations ahead are connected and parenting consciously. 

Fun Facts About Tracie:

  • A seasoned storyteller 

  • A Mental Health Activist

  • The co-president of the PTSO (Parent Teacher Student Organization) 

  • Completed 3 90-mile NYC bike tours

  • A retired NYC 911 Paramedic

  • Hasn’t sought out TV in over 10 years

  • Meditates for 60 minutes straight without moving not even for an itch

  • Loves studying the mind and emotions

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