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Calm, Mindful Parenting


To end the generational cycle of yelling and harsh punishment.

About Me

Mom of 4 boys, Parenting Expert, Mindfulness Teacher, Mental Health Advocate, #1 International Bestselling Author,

Radio Show Host


One of my boys has behavior and learning challenges. It comes with defiance and extreme tantrums. I have tried every type of consequence and outside resource with him but none of it worked. Specialists recommended putting him in a special school and on medications.


 I refused! I figured if I could self-heal from depilating depression and suicidal thoughts then surely I can help my son. The thing that worked for him was what has helped me: to calm down with  mindfulness and meditation to reconnect with my innate wisdom.


He is the reason why I became a calm, mindful parent. It was never my intention, but for my family's and my own sanity and to be able to deal with him in a natural way, I had no other choice.


I never talked about the hell he put me through because, I felt a lot of guilt and shame but not anymore.  It has definitely been a journey but he has taught me so much about myself.

And that's what I want for you to be able to rise above the cultural norm and to parent in a calm, mindful and stress free way.

About Mindful Parenting

It's not about telling you how to parent but teaching you how to parent consciously. 

Most of how you parent is on autopilot. Majority of your parenting style was inherited by culture, society and caregiver.

If you don't make conscious effort to parent your brain will give you the same reaction from your past. For example if you were yelled at as a child for doing something wrong. The probability of you repeating that behavior is high. 

Are You Ready To End

The Cycle Of Yelling?

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